KiöR Künstler*innen

Miriam Mlecek

Installation / Objektkunst, Medienkunst, Konzeptkunst, Lichtinstallation, Architektur

* 05.02.77
Bildung:UdK Berlin 2003 Diplom
Gruppen: BKS- Bau Kein Scheiss



Miriam Mlecek is an architect, artist and curator. She completed her master at the
University of the Arts in Berlin,won prizes in art in context and urban planning
competitions in Germany and founded the TRANSIT LOUNGE studio and gallery, an
experiment in transdisciplinary collaboration in Berlin in 2006 until 2009.She was
involved as contributor with the TRANSMEDIALE Berlin, the German Architecture Center Berlin, Heinze media as well
as working for Henn Architects and GP Architects Designers Engineers. She recently worked at the University Of Sydney, Australia and curated an exhibition on street art called Urban AU at the Gallery Of Australian Design.