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Application documents


If you do not have, or do not have enough work space and want to apply for a work space or studio apartment within the program, please register your needs first:
Studio Newsletter

After your registration you will be added to our distribution list and will receive studio offers on a regular basis.

Attention: The application procedure will only be carried out digitally (by e-mail)!

Only complete, formally correct and correctly labelled documents will be considered for the tender.


Please send all the following documents in ONE e-mail, 10 MB max.,
subject: "application <last name>_<first name>_<artist* name>"
(if artist*name exists)

1. Application form  (PDF)
caption: "surname_firstname_artist*name_application form.pdf"

2. Income form (PDF)
caption: "surname_firstname_artist*name_income form.pdf"

3. Description of situation as PDF
caption: "surname_firstname_artist*name_situation description.pdf"

  • font size at least 12pt and max. half a DIN-A4 page
  • short description of the work and life situation in key points (no continuous text!)
  • German or English
  • including aspects of professional and social urgency (no certificates!)

4. Artistic curriculum vitae (CV) as PDF
caption: "surname_firstname_artist*name_CV.pdf"

  • maximum 2 pages (selection is sufficient), font size at least 12 pt
  • tabular by year
  • German or English

5. Presentation of your professional activity as a visual artist (portfolio) as PDF
caption: "surname_firstname_artist*name_portfolio.pdf"

  • maximum DIN A4, indication of title, format, material, year of origin (not older than four years)
  • maximum 15 pages in total, including cover page, not double-sided
  • no catalogues, no folders, no loose sheets, no originals, no letters of recommendation, no press articles

studio Apartments

For studio-apartments that are part of housing construction development programs: instead of the income form you need a Wohnberechtigungsschein ("WBS mit besonderem Raumbedarf") for 2 rooms per person available at the Bürgeramt.

Joint applications

You have the possibility to apply together with other artists.
In this case you send all documents in ONE e-mail, 10 MB per person max.
Subject: "application <your last name>_<your first name>_<your artist*name>_TOGETHER WITH_<last name partner>_<first name partner>_< artist*name partner>"

Please note that for technical reasons it is no longer possible to apply alone and as a group at the same time. You must decide beforehand on a type of application (individual application or group application).


The documents must be received by the Studio Office no later than the application deadline (= arrival of the e-mail in the Studio Office by 23:59 pm).


Atelierbüro im Kulturwerk des bbk berlin GmbH
Köthener Straße 44
10963 Berlin

Birgit Nowack (Atelieranmietprogramm)
tel 030 230 899-22

Anna Fiegen (Atelieranmietprogramm)
tel 030 230 899-23

Lotta Bartoschewski (Mietpreisgebundene Ateliers und Atelierwohnungen)
tel 030 230 899-20

Christine Niehoff
tel 030 230 899-17

fax 030 230 899-19

telephone office hours:

tuesday: 10am to 1 pm 
thursday: 1pm to 4pm